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Employment Law and HR Training
Protect your business and your team from the distraction, stress and enormous cost of the Employment Tribunal
Because you're not Alan Sugar!
You can't just say 'You're fired'
From Hiring to Firing
and everything in between

Employment Law and HR Training

One of the best ways to protect your business is to ensure all managers - and business owners  - have been well trained, with regular refreshers.

There's no need to know the law inside-out, like a lawyer. As long as you 'know what you don't know' and know when to ask for advice (answer: early!) then that should be enough.

Workshops and Seminars

The training is specifically aimed at and designed for non-lawyers. It's for you and your team of managers, supervisors and business owners.

They focus less on legal process and statutory provisions, instead focusing more on the practical ‘How to’ - giving very practical explanations of what you can - and cannot - say and do, with specific examples.


Employment Law Alarm Bells - half day outline and introduction to the scarier elements!

Employment Law Essentials - 1 or 2 day programme to cover, well, the Essentials!

3D Employment Law - Discipline, Discrimination and Dismissal: anything from a 20-minute talk for your events to 2 days, or more

Elements of Employment Law: choose the most important topics that suit you and devise a workshop (short or long) or, for greater effect, an ongoing programme

Modern Slavery Act your obligations & penalties

Disciplinary Investigations  - get it right, first time (I can conduct investigations for you too!)

Bullying & Harassment - identifying and dealing with it, instead of sweeping it under the carpet


As with all my training, all Employment Law and HR workshops are interactive and tailored to your own needs, as well as the knowledge and experience of those participating.  Where time permits, I can take participants through a case study to embed their understanding and learning - which I can provide or you can, to make it even more real.

You can rest assured that these are not dull, boring 'death by powerpoint' presentations on this Act and that subsection. No. They are not legalistic and full of jargon.


Instead, these are engaging, interactive sessions where participants do actually participate and discuss the issues - it's the best way to learn.  

To REALLY ensure the learning, it is recommended that there is a follow-up case study and perhaps even a refresher course or coaching session after a couple of months depending on what you feel will best suit your needs.

Employment Law Essentials

A practical, jargon-free non-legalistic approach to outlining Employment Law for new and experienced managers.

A one or two day course covering all the essentials that managers need to know, understand and implement to meet their Employment Law obligations, including how you can avoid ending up in the Employment Tribunal.

Download the flexible contents - choose the elements to create a bespoke course, run the full programme over 2 days or build an ongoing programme.

Programme Potential contents

  • Overview

  • The Employment Contract vs The Goodwill Contract

  • Employee Entitlements

  • Grievance Process and Procedure

  • Holding challenging conversations – informal process

  • Investigating a Complaint and Convening Formal Hearings (Discipline, Grievance etc)

  • Right to be accompanied

  • Right of Appeal

  • Discipline, Discrimination and Dismissal

  • Discipline Process and Procedure

  • Managing Absence

  • Managing Performance

  • Conducting a Formal Interview or Hearing

  • Redundancy

  • The Employment Tribunal: attending, settling and avoiding

Employment Law Essentials


Download and create your bespoke programme

Employment Law Compliance

for Small Business

If you need Employment Law contracts and policies, to comply with your legal obligations, and would find a coaching programme on these Essential Elements  helpful please visit this page.

3D Employment Law

Discipline. Dismissal.

I can run a half-day or full day workshop for you to cover these following areas around Discipline, Discrimination, Dismissal and Dignity at Work (oops, that's 4D!):

The various 'Protected Characteristics' - There are 9. Do you know what's missing from this list:

age, race, disability, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation?

  • Dignity at Work and Grievance

  • Bullying and Harassment - what is the difference?

  • When is it discrimination and when is it not?

  • When is it bullying and when is it 'firm management'?


  • Investigating complaints

  • Discipline and Dismissal

  • Redundancy and Performance

  • Avoiding Employment Tribunals


These are some of the most challenging issues - especially for inexperienced managers who have no readily accessible HR advice and support.

group coaching8.png

COMPENSATION for discrimination is UNLIMITED


So you don't want to get it wrong.  The law is complex and ever-changing.  It is essential that ALL your managers have a good grounding.  They need to know what to do and what NOT to do - so they can spot a problem and deal with it before it mushrooms into something big, distracting and expensive.

Compensation claims for discrimination can be made against you, your managers and your employees - not only the company or organisation.  It can get personal.

Let me present a workshop, or series of workshops, for your managers.  I will ensure that they understand what they need to do to protect your business - and themselves.  Importantly, they will certainly "know what they don't know" - when to ask for help, before making an expensive mistake.

"Impressed with the flair and professionalism with which you delivered the training"

"Many thanks for your help in delivering the Management Development Programme, which was vital in our recent history as an organisation.


We were all impressed with the flair and professionalism with which you delivered the training. It is especially difficult to train lawyers (as you well know) - especially if they are in argumentative mood(!).


The MDP has been well received and worth the investment. We will try to maintain the standards and approach you have introduced."

Learning and Development - Lead

within a branch of Civil Service 

Impressive training for lawyers accountants professionals
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