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More than 'just' a lawyer


I qualified as a Barrister in 1990 - Called to the Bar by the prestigious and impressive Lincolns's Inn, London.


I'm a non-practising Barrister. See below for what that means*.

In 2001 it was, at last, time to come home to Glasgow and I've been running my self-employed consultancy since then all across Britain - from Inverness to Cardiff to Kent.

You'll find a unique mix of legal and consultancy support, coupled with the understanding and empathy from many years immersed in the wonderful world of personal development. 

The ‘Mindset and Skillset’ from this varied experience is the foundation to helping you build on your own success:

  • 20+ years litigating very painful ‘human’ areas of the law (family, abuse, employment law, bullying and harassment)

  • Working for and against global corporations and small business owners

  • Working with various experts in legal proceedings including psychiatrists and psychologists - as well as coaches and mentors in my own business


My Barrister's wig lives in here!


The 'people' side of business is so very important, yet we’ve all witnessed the fallout from poor leadership: the distraction, in-fighting and the dreaded internal politics; the bottom-line implications when good people – and good clients – walk away.

Added to your own experience, I can share my management and leadership experience and many years immersed in the wonderful world of personal development. This brings an added dimension when working with you – much more than being ‘just a lawyer’.

Oh, and I’ve learned from my fair share of mistakes too. Lots of mistakes! Haven’t we all?

Thought Scottish, Scott is not a not a Scottish Solicitor  or Advocate. He qualified as a Barrister in London - as his family moved 'down south' when he was of school age.

Scott is a not a practising' Barrister - described below. 


Employment Law is largely the same across Britain and there is no requirement to be a lawyer to appear as a Tribunal Representative.

References to Scott being a 'Lawyer' on this website do not mean Solicitor (as it is used in Scotland). It means the more generally used meaning:  'legally qualified and working in the law'.

Lincolns's Inn, London

*A non-practising Barrister means I'm not practising in Barristers' Chambers in England and Wales - but am bound by the same ethical and professional duties.


So I don't wear my wig and gown any more! 

To avoid any confusion, Bar Council rules require me to explain the following - because I'm not a solicitor, I'm a Barrister. 

I was 'Called to the Bar of England and Wales' in 1990 (Lincoln's Inn, London).  The only legal area I deal with is Employment - it is largely the same across Britain.  So, I appear in the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal in Scotland, England and Wales.  I do not deal with other legal matters or appear in other courts - but I might be able to refer you to someone who does.

I am not a ‘practising’ Barrister working from Barrister’s chambers in England or Wales - I'm based in Glasgow and work all over Britain. This means that I do not hold a practising certificate and am not fully regulated by the Bar Council; it does not hold any compensatory powers, in the unlikely event of inadequate professional service.  


As with all practising lawyers, I do carry professional indemnity insurance and apply the following high standards of professional ethics, as set out in the Bar Council’s Code of Conduct:

  • To avoid a professional conflict of interests

  • Not to mislead any Court or Tribunal

  • Not to bring the Bar into disrepute

  • To act in good faith

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can decide how I can best help you.

Thank you,

Scott Johnston
LL.B.(Hons)  Barrister-at-Law

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