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Scott Johnston is a qualified Barrister
with 20+ years Employment Law and HR expertise


Qualified Barrister
Specialist, Practical Advice

Experienced Settlement Negotiator
Robust Employment Tribunal Advocate

Trainer, Mediator, Consultant and Workplace Investigator
With a 'Coach-Approach' to Supporting You in Managing Your Team


Scott Johnston LL.B (Hons)

Employment Law & HR

Advice & Advocacy 

Training & Investigations

Protect Your Business
Manage Your Team
Enjoy Your Work!

Working Together Virtually By Video
or In Person

In the Room - or in The Zoom!
Your People. Your Profits.
I've created the People Power Programme specifically for small businesses, based on 20 years working with businesses like yours and proud, passionate business owners just like you.
This Programme is designed to help small businesses who have a few employees - maybe 10, 20 or even 50 or more - not enough to have your own HR Manager. 
In summary, let's empower You and Your Team to generate your business success. We focus on 3 areas:

1.  Employment Law Compliance and Managing People

2.  Confidence, Performance and Team Relationships 

3.  Skills building


The ‘compensation culture’ 

is stronger than ever


Employment disputes are a fact of life for all employers.  Therefore, it’s all about how to minimise them.


Your best defence is to ‘be prepared’. Start with legally compliant contracts, policies and procedures.


Train your managers and supervisors so that when you do have to take action, it is fair, reasonable and complies with your policies.  More...

 To arrange an informal chat, email me, use the  contact form, book a call direct to my diary or just pick up the phone 

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