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In brief, I'm an 'Escaping Lawyer' and can help you with the 'people performance' side of your business.

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Scott Johnston LL.B (Hons)


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What do you do, Scott?
There are two areas that I can help you with:
  • 1-2-1 Executive Coaching - time for You, just You
  • The Small Business People Power Programme - for you and your managers/supervisors
In a sentence, over the years I've moved from specialising in Employment Law into Professional Development - Training and Executive Coaching.
So that makes me an 'Escaping Lawyer'. I'm not sure if that means I'm Game-Keeper turned Poacher, or vice versa​!  I qualified as a Barrister in London and came home to Glasgow, after a few years in Newcastle in between.
Put simply: 
So many small business have a very comfortable 'family' feel about the working environment and it works very well. You're all busy working hard in challenging times and provide a great product or service.
Working as a team is really important and is a large part of your success - but also one of your biggest frustrations as well!  It makes conflict more difficult to deal with - because of the impact it can have, when everyone works together so closely and even more so when money and deadlines are tight.  It's stressful isn't it?
Understandably, many business owners tend to shy away from dealing with conflict until it gets so bad that they HAVE to - by which time it's almost too late.
That's exactly why I've designed a programme to specifically help small businesses - to work with businesses, leaders and professionals to get the best out of themselves and their teams. 
"With a background in Employment Law and People Development 
​I help you get the most from yourself and your team"
The Small Business 'People Power' Programme
Your People. Your Profits.
In the People Power Programme - created specifically for, and based on 20 years working with, small businesses - we focus on 3 areas:

1.  Employment Law Compliance 

2.  Confidence, Resilience and Team Relationships 

3.  Skills building

1.  Employment Law Compliance 
Contracts, policies and procedures which are solid, concise, workable and not full of jargon.
It's an essential foundation - and helps to avoid the horrors of the Employment Tribunal. 
Now that Tribunal fees have been abolished, we're sadly back to the potential 'compensation culture' for some employees.
'3D Employment Law' - practical discussion/training on the 3D's of Discipline, Discrimination and Dismissal (and more). That can be anything that suits, whether that's advice, training or coaching for you - or for your managers/supervisors. 
2.  Confidence, Resilience and Team Relationships 
Creating the mindset and harmony for a supportive and successful, friendly yet professional, business environment.
It starts with understanding how confident we feel, how we can give our self-esteem a boost, where needed, and dealing working under pressure and stress.
For some, we can look at how to tone it down - for those who are over-confident.
Lets' keep it assertive - not passive or aggressive.
3.  Skills building
Training and coaching you and your team in the essential people and business skills that make all the difference to your work, both with colleagues and with clients/customers, to include:
  • communication, resolving/avoiding conflict and the oh-so-important art and science of improved negotiation - something we all do, all the time, so let's get better at it (not just selling, this applies to our day-to-day working activities)
  • the important differences and similarities between Leadership and Management - whether that's managing absence, performance, a team or the whole business
  • sales: for your face-to-face or telephone sales conversations, as well as pitching and presenting in a whole range of situations
Executive Coaching
1-2-1 Time For You
Want To Be More Confident and Persuasive?
Want to Improve Team Relationships?
Want More Clients and Customers?
'3E To The Power of 3'

3E is:




To The Power of 3 is:

Your 3E x Mine x Ours

Not because you are weak
Because you are ready to grow...
GCC Member Discounts
As a support for members of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, I'm delighted to offer discounts on both 1-2-1 Executive Coaching and the People Power Programme.
The People Power Programme is entirely designed around your needs.
As a guide to fees or conversation starter, this might be an ideal programme for you:
6 fortnightly training/coaching sessions for you and your managers/supervisors (individually and in groups):

1)  Employment Law and HR Audit 

2)  Employment Law Essential Outline

3&4) Managing Yourself and Others

5) Leading and Managing teams

6) Team building - Half day ‘away day’ or workplace fun activity

Usual fee (published on this website) £4,000 to include telephone and email support in between sessions.
GCC discounted fee £3,500 payable in two instalments or £3,000 in one payment.
This is a guide only, as the programme we design for you may vary from the above suggested outline.
The Executive Coaching packages below are essentially the following, with added support:
  • Fortnightly calls for 3 or 6 months
  • Weekly calls for 6 weeks
  • Half-day intensive 
The fees below are reduced compared to usual and currently on 'special offer' for September after which they go up! So, in honour of GCC membership, I'll add a further 10% discount for the duration of the September offer.
You can email me or use the form below to send a message. Of course, you might prefer to actually just pick up the phone and have a chat!
Let's set up a strategy call and see if I can help.
Cheers for now
Executive Coaching Package Options
You can choose from
(a)  weekly calls for a 6-week breakthrough
(b)  3 or 6 months fortnightly calls
c)  a half-day intensive, in-person 
Each support package comprises 3 elements:
  • Coaching calls
  • MMM
  • Email

Thanks! Message sent.

Coaching Calls - ​each call will be by phone or skype/zoom/facetime, for 50-60 minutes on mutually agreed dates.  
Weekly MMM - what I call a 'Magic Mentor Moment'! A quick call of 5-10 minutes for instant impact, one a week if needed (probably at short notice).
Say you need a quick 'pep-talk' to keep you on track or are about to undertake a challenge (presentation, interview, meeting etc) and want to speak just before it. Or maybe you just suffered a challenging incident and need to download. 
Email - on an occasional basis, I can review a short draft document or email for you or we can correspond briefly about challenges in between Coaching Calls. Not every day and probably no more than a couple a week.
6 weeks - weekly
Weekly Call

Occasional email

One MMM per week


50% prior to commencement

Balance after 3 weeks

3 Months
Fortnightly Call

Occasional email

One MMM per week


One third prior to commencement

One third after first and second months

6 Months
Fortnightly Call

Occasional email

One MMM per week


25% prior to commencement

25% after first and third and fifth months

*Commitment Bonus
10% discount on the above fees if you pay the full amount anytime before your second session.
Half Day session
If you would prefer a half-day 1-2-1 intensive, we can meet in person. This is particularly effective as a breakthrough 
session or in preparation for a big presentation, sales pitch or interview.
This would be for about 4 hours and also includes two follow-up 30 minute coaching calls within 2 months, weekly MMM for one month and email support for one month. Discounted from £950 to £750.
We can either meet near Glasgow or within a couple of hours of Central Scotland. Anything further, say London or EU, is not a problem and we can discuss details and fees.
Cancel anytime during your programme and no further fees will be payable. Fees already paid in advance are non-refundable (unless I cancel).

"Saved Me Around £30,000"

"I was competent, intelligent and professional but completely debilitated by my situation, which was affecting both business and home life.


Scott brought instant clarity, as well as emotional support. With his legal insight and disarming ability to defuse a potentially very hostile situation, the outcome saved me around £30,000.”

SF, Wealth Management Specialist