Discrimination, Dismissal and Dignity at Work

These are some of the most challenging in ssues - especially for inexperienced managers who have no readily accessible HR advice and support.

As you probably know, COMPENSATION for discrimination is UNLIMITED.  So you don't want to get it wrong.  The law is complex and ever-changing.  It is ESSENTIAL that ALL your managers have a good grounding.  They need to know what to do and what NOT to do - so they can spot a problem and deal with it before it mushrooms into something big, distracting and expensive.

Compensation claims for discrimination can be made against you, your managers and your employees - not only the company or organisation.  It can get personal.

Let me present a workshop, or series of workshops, for your managers.  I will ensure that they understand what they need to do to protect your business - and themselves.  Importantly, they will certainly "know what they don't know" - when to ask for help, before making an expensive mistake.


I can run a half-day or full day workshop for you to cover these following areas around Discrimination, Dismissal and Dignity at Work:

- The various 'Protected Characteristics' - age, race, disablity, gender, religion and belief, sexual orientation and more
- When is it discrimination and when is it not?
- Dignity at Work
- Bullying and Harassment - what is the difference?
- The difference between bullying and firm management
- Investigating complaints
- Discipline and Dismissal
- Avoiding Employment Tribunals

If you want the best level of training, we can take a little longer and spend more time practising how to deal with these situations on a day-to-day basis.

All workshops are interactive and tailored to your own needs, as well as the knowledge and experience of those participating.  Where time permits, I can take participants through a case study to embed their understanding and learning.

You can rest assured that these are not dull, boring 'death by powerpoint' presenations but engaging, interactive sessions where participants do actually participate and discuss the issues - it's the best way to learn.  There will be handouts and course notes.

To REALLY ensure the learning, it is recommended that there is a follow-up case study and perhaps even a refresher course or coaching session after a couple of months depending on what you feel will best suit your needs.