Schools and Head Teachers

Dealing with Incompetent Teachers

Many Headteachers have to deal with this difficult, emotive issue.  It takes courage to handle the unavoidable conflict of tackling a teacher's competence. 

You know you need to - for the benefit of colleagues, pupils and parents.  But it's not easy is it?

I can help.

The Fitness To Teach rules and the Code of Practice on Teacher Competence are straightforward and easy to follow, when you know how.  It can feel a bit daunting and look very complex - but don't worry, it's actually much more straightforward than it sounds.

For a few years I was dealing with the biggest case to come before the General Teaching Council Scotland.  You may have seen it in the media.  The GTCS made a decision and removed a teacher from the Register.  That decision was overturned by the Court of Session and the GTCS is pursuing a re-hearing.  It was a long, complex and controversial case which led to a further striking off and a second Court of Session Appeal.  If the school had done the righ thing from the outset - years ago - it would have saved everybody huge stress and a lot of money.

I can help you and your school avoid the fundamental errors which can take years to resolve.  If you handle the situation well, follow procedures and treat everyone involoved with respect and professionalism, then there is nothing to stop you making tough decisions.  By guiding you in these procedures and ensuring you do so in a way which also meets your Employment Law obligations, you can get it right first time - which means more time spent on running your school and teaching your pupils.

You need to understand the procedures and the process - how it can go right and how it can go wrong.  How to prepare for each of these and how to take it, professionally, step-by-step and make decisions based on properly gathered evidence and giving the teacher a proper opportunity to respond.

It sounds so very simple doesn't it?  So what is stopping you?

Probably because you don't know where to start - or how to start. Maybe the conflict is too stressful because a teacher is resisting guidance and informal support.

If you don't have clear and consistent advice from your HR or legal advisers - if you don't feel they understand your challenges and are not actually HELPING you - then please contact me.  I will help you.

Help you to get it right.  To help the teacher improve - with a clear indication of consequences if they don't.  If it's gone well beyond that stage, let me help you remove the teacher, professionally.

All the teachers in your school will be watching and, if it is handled badly, will worry.  It WILL affect morale, performance and relationships for them too.  You CAN avoid that negative consequence by dealing with it professionally and by communicating well with other teachers.

That looks better than getting it wrong doesn't it?

Contact me now.   Together we can start to put it right - quickly.