Advice and support for Employees

(Scotland only) 

Far too many of us put up with unacceptable behaviour

You DON’T have to accept it 

Do you need expert advice and guidance in dealing with any of these issues or with pursuing an Employment Tribunal claim?:

- Grievance

- Discrimination

- Whistleblowing

- Unfair dismissal

- Disciplinary Hearing

- Bullying & harassment 

                    Make. It. Stop.

You CAN do something about it  

Does your boss pick on you? Give others preferential treatment? Undermine you in front of others?  Humiliate you in private? Face the facts; this is bullying. It might not be your manager. It might be a colleague or even someone who reports to you. It does happen.     

It's not your fault. You are not alone. You’re probably not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last, person he or she has bullied. Do you want it to continue or do you want help to Make It Stop

Once you are ready to move to the next stage, find out if we are the right adviser for you. Call Scott Johnston, qualified Barrister and independent Employment Law consultant, for a FREE 15 minute confidential chat. 

If you can't afford legal advice, call the *free* ACAS helpline on 08457 47 47 47.  You might also find that your local CAB or law centre will be able to advise you, but make sure you speak to an expert in employment law. 

Note:  Whilst I continue to represent employers across Britain, I'm afraid that I only advise and represent employees in Scotland - I decided not to continue with my Ministry of Justice authorisation which is a requirement for those who advise and represent employees (there are exceptions for practising lawyers amongst others)  due to the added cost and travelling.


 ** don’t delay – fight back **

keep your dignity – stand up to the bullies

Make. It. Stop.