Advice and Support for Employers and Employees

We work with Employers and Employees which means we have a well-rounded appreciaion of the issue from both perspectives; it is important to be able to consider the bigger picture so that your decisions are not made in a vacuum. 

We work in partnership with clients to advise on the issues you are facing, advising you on the options you have and the likely consequences of each option.  You decide - we advise.  Most work is undertaken by telephone and email, so location is not usually an obstruction.  Meetings will be held at a mutually convenient location.

As Scott Johnston is a qualified barrister with 20 years experience in various courts, tribunals and forums you can count on our advocacy expertise both in terms of presenting your case and also helping you and your witnesses prepare for such a stressful event.  Most cases are resolved through finding a negotiated settlement.  We are experts in such negotiations whether it involves hundreds of pounds or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

For Employers

We can provide you with contracts and policies written in Plain English.  This not only gives you legal protection; it also creates clear communication which should reduce the likelihood of a legal dispute arising.  Then there's giving you clear, helpful, practical advice - not a big list of legal jargon. 

Whether you are dealing with discipline and dismissal; discrimination and greivance; bullying and harassment; or absence and performance issues, we give you advice you can understand and can implement.

If you are you a Head Teacher or a school dealing with an incompetent teacher     click here    .

Employment Tribunals

We are experienced in conducting cases for both sides, Employer and Employee.  As well as guiding you through the evidence and preparation, we will also help to prepare your witnesses.  We'll also help you to settle the dispute without getting as far as a stressful, expensive, unpredictable hearing if that is your preference.

For Employees 

Whether you are facing a Disciplinary Hearing or have been dismissed; or you wish to submit a Grievance; or commence Employment Tribunal proceedings, we can advise and guide you with compassion and understanding, as well as legal expertise.

We have extensive experience dealing with the painful issues of bullying and harassment. 

Specialist training in Employment Law for your managers: interactive workshops covering all the day-to-day legal issues, in practical, jargon-free sessions inlcuding Discrimination, Discipline and Dismissal.  We also deliver one-to-one and small group coaching.
In addition to Employment Law and HR training, we deliver expert training and coaching in Mindset and Skillset.  We look at the essential 'soft skills' including Negotiation skills, Managing Conflict, Presentation and Public Speaking - whether that's in workshops, group coaching or 1-2-1 mentoring.



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