Scott Johnston 

- more than JUST a lawyer -

Scott qualified as a Barrister in 1990.  He is an Employment Law specialist.    

He is a measured adviser, robust litigator, determined negotiator and an experienced Employment Tribunal advocate.  He spent 10 years working in both the public and private sectors before becoming self-employed in 2001.  He advises employers throughout Britain, including small businesses, charities, schools and third sector Organsiations as well as helping HR consultants support their own clients.  He acts for aggrieved employees (in Scotland only).

Scott is personable, determined and empathetic, adopting a 'coach approach' to legal issues and client care.  Advice takes into account not only bald legal considerations but also the bigger picture for You - sometimes the law simply won't give you the answer you are seeking.

Johnston Consulting can call upon support from a network of Consultants and Associates in Scotland and England as and when required.  Compared to traditional lawyers, our fees are more flexible and reasonable.  Having said that, we're not cheap!  

JCI experience 

Scott was an active member of JCI (Junior Chamber International), a worldwide personal development organisation and brings that experience to understanding your concerns and helping you find a way through them, whether through the legal route or finding a better option.  There are few lawyers who have this mix of skills and experience - it means that we treat you as a human being not just a client or a new case...

Notable achievements include:

• National President JCI Scotland
• Debating champion - Glasgow, Scotland and Europe
• International trainer in negotiating, speaking and debating

 JCI links:  JCI Glasgow JCI Edinburgh JCI International


Note regarding my Professional Status

- not a 'practising' Barrister -

The way I work is to be your solicitor, barrister, consultant, trainer and coach all in one.  So, according to my clients, you get clear, professional legal advice - wtih genuine compassion and understanding rarely found with lawyers.

To avoid any confusion, Bar Council rules require me to explain this - because I'm not a solicitor, I'm a Barrister.

I was 'Called to the Bar of England and Wales' in 1990 (Lincoln's Inn, London).  The only legal area I deal with is Employment - unlike other areas of the law, it is the same across Britain.  So, I appear in the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal in Scotland, England and Wales.  I do not deal with other legal matters or appear in other courts - but I might be able to refer you to someone who does.

I am not a ‘practising’ Barrister working from Barrister’s chambers in England or Wales - I'm based in Glasgow but work all over Britain. 

This means that I do not hold a practising certificate and am not fully regulated by the Bar Council; it does not hold any compensatory powers in the unlikely event of inadequate professional service.  As with all practising lawyers, I do carry professional indemnity insurance and apply the following high standards of professional ethics, as set out in the Bar Council’s Code of Conduct:

- To avoid a professional conflict of interests

- Not to mislead any Court or Tribunal

- Not to bring the Bar into disrepute

- To act in good faith

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can decide how I can best help you.

Thank you,

Scott Johnston
LL.B.(Hons)  Barrister-at-Law

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Scott Johnston