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Employment Law is a rapidly changing area of the law. Many employers just can’t keep up with all the changes to the law and the complex procedures.  Employees end up being treated unfairly and it results in reduced performance, increased stress and, often, legal proceedings.  Sound familiar?

Employment Tribunals can award compensation in excess of £80,000 for unfair dismissal. For discrimination and whistleblowing claims, compensation can be much, much higher – in fact, it is unlimited.   Employees are being awarded £000’s for even the smallest of failures by their employer to follow correct procedure.

Johnston Consulting is led by Scott Johnston, a qualified Barrister.  Click here for Profile page.

We are based in Glasgow and represent employers all over Britain with a network of experts.  We also act for employees, in Scotland only, which means we have a better understanding of both sides of a dispute.  We also advise independent Human Resources Consultants who need legal expertise so they can provide support to their own clients. 

As you will see on the Services page, we provide specialist advice and representation in the Employment Tribunal as well as Training and Coaching, not only in Employment Law; also in essential ‘soft skills’ such as negotiation skills; speaking & presentation skills; and managing conflict.  We also have years of experience in dealing with the very painful issue of workplace bullying and harassment.

Employers: You can achieve ‘Compliance First’

Employment disputes are a fact of life for all employers.  Therefore, it’s all about how to minimise them. Your best defence is to ‘be prepared’ – start with legally compliant contracts, policies and procedures. Then, when you do have to take action, make sure it is fair, reasonable and complies with your policies.  We can advise and guide you through this legal maze and represent you in the Employment Tribunal, as well as negotiating an effective settlement to avoid the risks inherent in all litigation. 

If you are a Head Teacher or school dealing with an incompetent teacher, we can help, for help click here.

For Workshops on Discrimination, Discipline and Dismissal click here.

Employees: You can Make. It. Stop.

Are you being treated unfairly at work? Are you facing a Disciplinary Hearing? Are you suffering bullying, discrimination or victimisation?  We provide expert advice with a level of compassion and support you often won’t find with traditional lawyers. 


Bullying is sadly all too common in the workplace.  Employers need expert help to protect their employees and their business. Employees need expert help if their employer is not meeting its obligations.  We can guide you through the legal and personal issues in what can be an extremely stressful situation for all concerned.

We only advise employees on employment law in Scotland.  However, we can provide coaching through people disputes and on your own skills and confidence, anywhere in the world.