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We offer an initial free 15 minute telephone consultation, without obligation. Please phone Scott Johnston on the number below.

Alternatively, you might like to send an email with a brief summary of the kind of support you feel you need or issue you are currently facing.  Leave your phone number and we will reply by email or phone - if your situation is urgent, please phone rather than relying on email.  If you are an employee, it is preferable to use a personal email address and phone number if possible, rather than using your work contact details.

Phone:     0141 632 1211        


If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your email within 48 hours, it may not have been received so please send a further email (without any attachments) to ascertain receipt of the first email and if there is still no reply please telephone.    


Postal address:
This address is provided for postal purposes only.

89 Lochleven Road
G42 9RD